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The latest Borderlands update will gladden you with incredible additional skill points! You may enjoy your level shift – the update increases your current level for three points and allows you to level further with no problem. The level increase will allow you to use more new weapons. In fact, the increase is not so high, so you won’t be able to use something really advanced now, still, if you are perfectionist, you will surely adore such an update. There is a new event to check out and it allows you to receive new skins, various decorative features, and items that won’t make you too much stronger, but you will definitely look cooler!
Fans of the game have reasons to be glad, especially if they are high-level right now. Those who have already reached 50th level, will surely find this and the further updates of Borderlands beneficial – there are various skills and options they can try and challenge themselves. Also, if you are fond of statistics and achievements, you will appreciate an ability to disable different characteristics like Guardian Rank Perks and rely on the low shields. If your team consists of players with lower levels, they will appreciate the update as well – you can cooperate with them, so they will easily check all the features and additions with you.
Each Borderlands update surprises players because the game developers do their best to enrich the process regularly. They provide new features, skins, maps, and weapons to try. The idea is to keep the game content fresh and interesting, so you will enjoy play it again and again. Tracking the updates, you will be tuned all the time – whenever something new appears, you will have a chance to be the first to find out. The best way to keep up with all the updates is to stay with us. Our platform will provide you with the latest updates available for Borderlands. Make sure to visit this section regularly and you will have access to them at a second! No need to search for the updates online – we have already done that for you. Count on us and enjoy!

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