Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

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Travel to the moon with characters from Borderlands and find out their story! In this game, you and your comrades will be launched in the outer space and landed to Pandora’s moon. The game is called a pre-sequel, because it is a prequel and a sequel at the same time. While it is a new part of the series, it will tell you a story behind the main enemy of yours – Handsome Jack. You will find out everything about this guy and the way he reached these heights! Chronologically, this game takes place somewhere between the first and the second part of the franchise. Here you will find a lot of new cool features as well as amazing mechanics you have never seen before. The blending of the environment and features located here will make your head dizzy. Enjoy the brightest shooting game ever and go crazy!
This time, you won’t be walking on the graceless land! Instead, you will fly in the air, enjoying the absence of gravity in space. You have new weapons now, so you can strike with cold steams of ice as well as hot lasers. The moon is waiting for you to explore it. The landscapes are amazing and the territory of the planet is incredible, so you will surely need a nice machine to ride. Sit in a car or jump on the moon-motorcycle to ride around it on the high speeds! Discover more levels and bring even more destruction and madness to this world! Not only you will bring madness to the earth, but to the moon now. The gravity is not like you felt it before and this adds new experience to the playing process, the one that is not available in other parts of the series, so you are highly recommended to try this amazing game out.
If you are a real fan of the game, you must be wondering how the story and the pre-history are arranged. Now you have a chance to find out. This game will reveal the secrets to you and namely you will find out about the rise of Handsome Jack, the main super-villain of this lands. The game will tell your story of his success, the way he reached his place and gained the power he has. The iconic Borderlands enemies will uncover themselves to you now and you will witness numerous side stories. What is more, you will get access to new characters that are representatives of the brand new classes. You will have a chance to try yourself as Jack’s helper and experience the dubious principles he follows. Who knows, maybe, you will understand him as a person! This game is available on our website for free, so you are welcome to launch it any moment online and enjoy!

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