Borderlands 4

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One of the most thrilling shooting titles in history will never end! At least, we hope so. This is the fourth part of the adventures and, as you can guess, the title become more and more advanced and great with every new installment that appears. This chapter can boast of being more detailed and bright than those you have seen before. More cool imagery, artwork is improved, environment is more detailed, and characters are even cooler than they were before. What is more, we know that you love Borderlands for a vast collection of weapons, so behold – now the number of guns and rockets will grow! There are significantly more ways for them to mix, unite, and combine. This means that a weapon generator is truly endless and you can get any type of gun you can (and cannot) imagine. Have fun and shoot like crazy!
The continuation of a saga where a team of shooters and adventurers are trying to find the promised land and finally get rid of the burden that lays on their shoulders, their sins, continues. You are going to play in a team, so be sure to cooperate with your buddies to overcome the enemies and pass the levels successfully. This won’t be easy – as you remember from the previous parts, the levels here are stuffed with enemies and monsters that will attack all the time. Your task is to use the weapons wisely and shoot them to get rid of them. The idea is simple – make your way through all the difficulties, ever-growing and changing troubles, and finally get to the place you have been looking for. Try to survive and support your comrades during the battles. You will cover each other’s backs and act like one whole. Cooperation is very important for the gamers that prefer games like Borderlands.

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