Borderlands 3

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Do you want to shoot some monster? We bet that you didn’t have enough of the amazing first-persona shooter title Borderlands before! Here comes the third part of the game, where you have a chance to immerse yourself into the bright world of the game. In this part, you are welcome to experience a cooperative regime. Most of the game principles stay unchanged, however, there are some new features and updates here. This is especially true for the gameplay. Now the controlling process is wider – you can climb on the obstacles and rush at them. There amount of the active skills was also increased – now you have three of them to try out. In the regime of second passing, there is a new level of complexity to try out. The cooperative mode is pretty advanced and includes a synchronization opportunity which complies with your current level, received weapons, and enemies you meet on your way.
You will be amazed by the amount of weapons available in this part of game. Considering the fact that the weapons are generated procedurally, you can get more than a million of gun variations. The characteristics of the weapons include class, mark, and the level of rarity. There are target-finding guns, weapons that allow additional features to be added, guns with risen level of harm, and even those weapons that chase your enemies when you make a shot. Some weapons are automatic and half-automatic, while the rest is manual. These features can be mixed up in all imaginable ways, which gives you a truly never-ending source of cool guns and cannons.
The world of the game consists of five planets: cyber-punk, desert, tropical, and monastic. The last one is locked and you won’t know anything about it till a certain moment of the game. You will be able to fly around these planets on your spaceship called Sanctuary 3. The spaceship is your base and you can even adjust and decorate it anyhow. The planets will be divided as different locations with linear design. Like previous games of the series, this one has perfect graphics, but there is a high attention for details now and all the effects look much better – they are realistic and beautifully drawn. What is even greater, the environment is more interactive now and you can even destroy some of its parts. As in previous titles, you have transport to use. The cars will help you to move around the map faster. Here you will find buggies, monocycles, and trucks of different kinds. The transportation is customizable and you can even change its colors depending on the type of module you choose.

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