Borderlands 3 DLC

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Borderlands 3 is a famous shooting game that includes elements of role playing. During the playing process, gamers mostly defeat the enemies shooting them with guns and cannons of all possible (and impossible) types. Like the other parts of the series, this game is not very plot-centered. It doesn’t include any complicated stories and side-narrations. Everything is pretty linear and most of the missions are formulated simply: you need to defeat someone or find something/someone. Wherever you go, enemies will appear on your way in great amounts. The entire crowds of different creatures will block your way to a desired point, so you will have to shoot them all before you clear the land. The idea of the game is to develop your character all the time. He grows stronger with every enemy he kills and gets new weapons when the opponents die. The game is pretty famous for the variety of ever-generated weapons that appear in the game all the time. The guns and cannons are mixed up, which makes the number of possible options incredible. More killed enemies – more guns! Defeated bosses – even better guns.
On this page, you will find an update for the third part of the game. This one is called DLC and only those players who have already reached the thirteenth level can join it. The developers have more plans regarding the updates – there are three more to come. If you want to start playing this version of the game and see all the new features, you need to pass the prologue of the game and open Sanctuary 3. When you do so, your level will be high enough to join a new installation of the game. Gladly, the received achievements and items are not going anywhere – you will keep them all with you and enter the new updated version of the game fully-equipped. Enjoy the update while waiting for new part of incredible Borderlands to appear! We have a free version of the game right on this website, so play it whenever you feel so!

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