Borderlands 2020

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Fans of the famous crazy shooter have been waiting for this for long. Some of them claim that the previous parts of the game didn’t inspire them too much. The others criticized them for a lack of content and weak plots as well as plane updates that were not very exciting. Disappointment and joy were divided equally, but there was still a room for criticism. To save the situation and finally gladden all the gamers, the developers of Borderlands have created a brand new part of the title that comes to your computer and mobile screens this year. No more complaints for a lack of content, no more cries that the quality doesn’t meet the high standards that were established by the first game. This one is a true masterpiece and you will definitely adore it.
So the big announcement finally turns into reality. The players are presented a great new chapter that follows all the patterns of the previous parts, only now the mistakes and weak points were improved. Here you will finally see the better plot, which is a real story, unlike the narration from the previous chapters. Also, the visual part of the game was significantly improved. Not only there are new environments here to check out, but everything else looks better and more detailed. The surfaces are better drawn, new detailed textures are added, and the graphics is improved in many ways. In addition to that, you will have a great chance to enjoy a new pack of weapons! If you thought that Borderlands’ weapons collection is endless, now you will learn what does it mean to have a “larger endlessness”. There are new chests and boxes with cool items, various accessories that are rather decoration than efficient, and other cool benefits that will enrich your playing experience. The controls and maps are more convenient now as well, so get in and continue your mad adventures in the mad world!

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