Borderlands 2

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Here comes the new era of shooting and gathering! The Borderlands game is back and you will join a team of your comrades to meet the large world inhabited by horrible creatures, evil geniuses, and psychos! Three Hunters will accept you in their team and together you will make your triumphal (and pretty noisy) way to the aim! Here you will find new comrades on your way, kill numerous enemies, and find incredible amount of weapons. Your friends and you will fight back to back, looking for an opportunity to take a revenge, punish your enemies, and atone your sins on the territories that you have never seen before. The second part has a deal of updates you will surely like.
For instance, here you will meet some new characters – Gunzeker, Siren, Commando, and Assassin. Gunzeker is a really cool shooter, but he is a bit insane, so we bet that playing for him will surely challenge you and bring you some new experience! The characters of his class were never available in the game before. This guy is pretty strong – he can use two guns at the same time! What is more, he is extremely rich for mad ideas, like pouring the hot liquid metal on your enemies or even shooting out of two bomb-throwers at the same time. Your strategies and tactics plus Gunzeker’s amazing skills and the enemies have no chances to win the fight!
This game can be played in the multiplayer version – you can join the global network with your friends or people from the server and organize a cool squad. Enter the campaign and leave it whenever you want – neither you, nor your team will lose an opportunity to continue amazing adventures in the bright world of Borderlands. You don’t have to relaunch the game even when you decide to live a particular campaign and what is even greater – the weapons and other stuff you get won’t disappear. The adventure starts when you find yourself in the middle of frozen tundra. You will have to find out who did this to you and make this guy suffer a lot! Investigate the location and face the evil of the universal meaning – Jack! Are you ready for the craziest adventure in your life? Get in now!

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